Dorothy Polonium – Official Domain

“As waveforms collide the ethereal comes alive
One must abide the void will subside
Let thine eyes be the judge and compose a truth
For it cannot be touched nor thine ears are any good”

You are most welcome to the domain of Dorothy Polonium. Here you can find information regarding our music, live events and more. Feel free to wander around and find traces of the Lady ever so radiant.

I herefore invite you inside the mystical world of Dorothy Polonium.

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These guys play tight and they have a singer with ungodly versatility with her voice!

“The guitars, the drums and the singing are spiced with alternating frightening screams and nuances of growing madness, and not only Dorothy Polonium are excellent technically, they also offer a brilliant showmanship.”
“Amongst the heavier more explosive songs, the album also introduces more melodic, harmony-driven compositions. When vocalist Uura uses her clean vocals, the listener is surprised by her diversity as a singer. Excellent examples of this are wistful “Slave”, “Red Mercury” with its saxophone-led C-part, more progressive “Séance” and the gloomy finale “The Wedding”.