What’s going on? 

A lot I must say. Soon we’ll release our debut album Tales by the Pyre, we have new awesome promopics, flashtour in Israel and album release party is coming. We’re been working hard with the album (DIY) and now it’s time just to enjoy, perform and enjoy a bit more. First video is 3 minutes and has also some live music in it. It’s acoustic version of Dystopia! Why? Watch the video and find ​out 👍


Last day, Košice. Sorry for the delay!

Hi everyone! I’m already in Copenhagen (more singing), Arto is in Finland and the rest of our lovely group…well…they are somewhere between Slovakia and Finland. We had an unforgettable Finnish fury tour. So many good, crazy, funny memories. Thank you Escalane, looking forward to our next adventure…! Special thanks goes to our driver Miguel who made our tour even better. Last video is here for you, enjoy!